Social media can’t get over this goldendoodle that looks so much like Will Ferrell

goldendoodle looks like Will Ferrell

  • There have been sightings of animals who have an uncanny resemblance to celebrities.
  • One such look-alike is a goldendoodle named Layla.
  • Someone told her owner that the pooch looked a lot like comedian Will Ferrell, and now they can’t unsee it!

Have you ever seen an animal that looks so much like a celebrity? Apparently, there are several of these celebrity look-alikes. Some of these so-called sightings are a stretch, however, and would need a good deal of imagination. But when the owner of goldendoodle Layla was told that the pooch looked so much like a certain comedian, the resemblance was so uncanny that it’s now all they see!

Layla’s owner shared her photo on Twitter with the caption, “Someone said my dog looks like Will Ferrell and I can’t unsee it now”.

Photo Credit: Twitter/thomasthesquare

It must be Layla’s human-like eyes. Some would say they’re a bit too big, round, and expressive, that they give her a human expression.

Her round and full face, combined with her soft hair, also lend her a human-like look.

goldendoodle looks like Will Ferrell
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi (CC BY-SA 2.0), Twitter/thomasthesquare

Layla’s photo has gone viral with over 262,000 likes and 23,100 retweets.

Several commenters also shared pictures of their goldendoodles and said that they have though the exact same thing about their pups. Others shared other celebrities’ canine look-alikes and even proposed an upcoming Pixar film featuring celebrity dogs.

Now that one might be a stretch, but sometimes people see what they want to see.

Will Ferrell has had his fair share of doppelgangers before, including Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Their resemblance even led to a drum-off on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon!

Celebrity Dog Twitter had a blast with this, and we’re all waiting for the next canine celebrity look-alike.

Source: Daily Paws

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