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This Guy Found Caterpillars On His Broccoli And Took Care Of Them ‘Til They Became Butterflies [Video]



  • Samuel Darlaston found a green caterpillar on the broccoli he was supposed to eat for dinner.
  • He later found more green caterpillars after he purchased replacement broccoli from the supermarket, so he decided to keep them all.
  • He released the insects back to nature after the green caterpillars transformed into white butterflies.

Samuel Darlaston was supposed to eat broccoli, but somebody beat him to it. He was in the middle of his preparations for dinner, removing the packaging from the green vegetable when he saw a green caterpillar.

“I was really shocked but also just confused because the broccoli was packaged,” Samuel said. “So this guy had been in there from Spain.”

Samuel gathered information about the insect. He later identified it as a cabbage white butterfly, common in brassica vegetable plantation around the world. He decided to keep the green caterpillar and came up with a name for it. Cedric the caterpillar. He made sure that everything that the caterpillar would need, he would provide for — including the broccoli he was supposed to have for dinner.

“I couldn’t just set him free, he’s international,” Samuel said.

Samuel bought replacement broccoli. To his surprise, he found more green caterpillars, which he introduced to the first one. He collected seven caterpillars, including one that his roommate found on his broccoli.

“By this point, we were in hysterics and obviously added the new addition to the Big Caterpillar House,” Samuel said. “We then named them all: Carlos, Slim Eric, Croc, Janine, Broc and Olly.”

Perhaps this is uncommon for people, but there were no questions about taking care of these green caterpillars for Samuel. These caterpillars need his assistance and he is more than willing to lend a hand.

“I’ve always loved animals of all kinds and having pets/animal friends is such a key part of my life,” he said. “I wanted to keep them all safe, fat and happy until they cocooned, and then finally spread their wings.”

Cedric picked a location from the plastic container and started his transformation. From that point on, each of the green caterpillars started with their transformations. Then, one by one, caterpillars hanged themselves upside-down and began molting into chrysalises. After some time, the caterpillars transformed and bright green butterflies emerged. Later on, the green butterflies turned white.

Samuel understood that he had to release the insects back into nature. He understood this part from the moment he decided to keep them, but the time spent together, made that moment emotional for him. He was surprised how affected he was after spending a week watching them grow.

“I just wanted to do the best I could for them and eventually we had all seven out of seven emerge and then eventually get released,” Samuel said.

“He was the final one and it was quite emotional but also such a nice moment because we’d worried he might not make it,” he added. “He ended up being one of the most active butterflies!”

Source: The Dodo