This is how working-from-home looks like if you have pets

  • One of the new normal setups is the work-from-home arrangement.
  • While onsite work brings a lot of advantages, such as free snacks or some refreshing chitchats with colleagues over a quick break, working at home also has its perks, especially for those with pets.
  • These furry buddies show the social media world why there’s more fun in working-from-home!

One effect of the coronavirus pandemic in the workplace is basically the offsite job. This could have been a big adjustment for some as working in a real office environment could be better for their mental and social health — free snacks are available, some chitchats with the colleagues in the pantry somehow make the load lighter, and even the transportation could be a breather in the day-to-day deskwork.

But there are also work-from-home benefits that make this new-normal setup brighter — pets!

Cat and dog owners have been sharing photos of their new furry ‘colleagues’ who seem pretty happy with their parents’ new work routine. And well, we can tell that despite their mess and chaotic interruptions, these critters make the working-from-home quite bearable.

1. This doggo initially thought he could lure his dad in to some cuddle time, and when his touch didn’t work, he had to take it to the next level!

Photo Credit: rukasthedog

2. This pretty sums up all of us in this work-from-home setup.

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. ‘How much longer is that call gonna take? Can you throw the ball now?’

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. This fur momma had a specialized drawer just for her hedgehog. He’s definitely part of the whole working-from-home routine.

Photo Credit: MaryMeisenzah

5. This feline is pretty familiar with his mom’s “old” principle that work is prohibited once she’s home. And he hasn’t gotten over it yet!

Photo Credit: anasrikanth

6. This pup surely allows her mom to work at home, as long as she holds her hand the entire time!

Photo Credit: Ms_Alex_W

7. And this cat shows who the real boss is! Poor dad was called to the conference room and was welcomed by this fiery look.

Photo Credit: therealbradbabs

8. ‘What happened to our playtime, mom?’

Photo Credit: _trashfox

9. Good luck on your work productivity if you face this sleepyhead all day every day.

Photo Credit: ox2si

10. This cat now thinks that when mom opens up her laptop, it’s lounge time!

Photo Credit: blackedraven

11. ‘Let me check it for you’ is what this cat is seemingly assuring of his dad. He’s got this.

Photo Credit:

12. This puppy is on full office-mode on upon hearing his dad’s on it.

Photo Credit: Reddit

13. These feline buddies tell their mom that she should practice work-life balance. (Life means playtime.)

Photo Credit: SesameSquirrel

14. Black cat wants to replace her mom. She’s gonna take that Zoom call next.

Photo Credit: lisamowagner

15. When those puppy eyes ask “work or me?” and you know which is the better option.

Photo Credit: LynneKelly

Source: Bored Panda

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