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This Pomeranian’s Mail Delivery Reaction is Unbelievably Adorable!



Quick Smiles:

  • Pepper the Pomeranian spins and barks when mail is delivered
  • Viewers call her “tiny tornado” and “Pepper the Tasmanian Devil”
  • Experts explain why dogs might dislike mail carriers

There’s something about mail carriers that just doesn’t sit well with some dogs. One Pomeranian named Pepper had a surprising reaction when her owner received the mail.

As soon as Pepper’s owner grabbed the mail from the front door, the little furball started barking and spinning in circles at full speed. The owner tried to calm her down, but Pepper just spun faster. The caption on the video says it all: “She doesn’t take receiving hate mail well.”

Despite all the spinning, Pepper was unfazed. Her owner wrote in the comment section that she acted like nothing happened afterward, probably because she’s used to defending her home like this daily.

The video, posted on TikTok on November 9, joked, “good thing she didn’t overreact” – who knows what would’ve happened if she did? With her speed, she might have taken flight!


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Viewers loved Pepper’s feisty reaction. One commented, “I love how fearless Poms are! Ready to fight anything!” Others suggested new names for her, like “tiny tornado” and “Pepper the Tasmanian Devil.”