Three chihuahua best friends are looking for a family who will adopt all of them

  • Three chihuahuas were rescued from a caravan and brought to a shelter.
  • The trio cannot live without each other.
  • They are looking for a family who can adopt all three of them.

Chico, Daisy, and Mitch were discovered dwelling in a caravan with several other Chihuahuas and were immediately taken up by the RSPCA. When the triplets initially came to the shelter, they were quite cautious, and it took the staff months to gain their trust. They’ve grown so much more confident and loving over time, but one thing hasn’t changed: their love for each other.

Chico, Daisy, and Mitch are great buddies who can’t live without one another. They’re really close, and their rescuers are trying to find them a lifelong home together.

Tiffany Saunders, the kennels supervisor at the RSPCA’s Block Fen Animal Centre, stated in a press release that it took the shelter time to draw them out of their shells, but now they’re discovering who they are as individuals.

The trio has sparked a lot of attention, but the shelter hasn’t been able to find them the perfect family yet. They are described as feisty by their rescuers, and they require a family that can meet each of their unique requirements.

Daisy is the group’s leader, according to Saunders. She describes Daisy as the wariest of strangers, and she will make you work for her affection. She also enjoys going on long walks and chasing Mitch around the paddocks. She loves cuddling and is very affectionate once she has gained your trust, according to Saunders.

Chico is the most self-sufficient of the three, according to Saunders. He’s content to do his own thing and enjoys mooching and sniffing. He enjoys snuggling up to his friends before sleep and becomes irritable if he is unable to do so.

Mitch is shy at first, but as he gets to know you, he becomes a true lap dog. Saunders said he had to be carried on walks at first, but he is gradually discovering that walks can be enjoyable! He’s a bit of a pig and will attempt to steal Daisy’s meals, so keep an eye on him during mealtimes, warns Saunders. 

These Chihuahuas are looking for a calm home with experienced dog owners who can devote time to getting to know each of the three dogs and assisting them in adjusting to their new life. They’d prefer a house with few visitors, no other dogs, and plenty of space to withdraw to when they’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed. They’ve gone through a lot, and now all they want is somewhere tranquil with people who care about them, where they can all relax and be themselves.

It may take some time to find the proper match for these three, but their rescuers are not willing to give up. There is undoubtedly a family out there who would be great for all three of them.

Source: The Dodo

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I would take these three pups in a heartbeat if not for my fiesty jealous little Decil (half chi/half Yorkie). Please find these sweet dogs a home together; they are precious.

Jo C. Bejarano

Do you know if they like cats?