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Tiny Paws, Big Attitude: Chihuahua’s Walktime Change of Heart



Quick Smiles:

  • Chihuahua’s dramatic performance, making it seem she can’t walk another step… until it’s time to head home!
  • A relatable Rottweiler: “I had a big Rottweiler who shared her feelings. The moment he reached his limit, he would quickly head back to the house.”
  • Amused viewer’s comment: “Same with mine! Looks straight up disabled until we turn back and then suddenly he’s leading the pack.”

Everyone has a preferred pace for their walks. Just as some humans love long strolls, certain dogs just can’t wait to get back home. And trust us, you can easily tell which category they belong to!

On a breezy Wednesday in Bryce Canyon, Utah, a video captured a little Chihuahua’s hilarious antics on her walk with mom.

Brought to us by TikTok user @wheresgizzie, the Chihuahua’s mood shift is something many of us can nod along with.

After all, haven’t we all felt like her now and then?

@wheresgizzie I’m onto her. 😂👏🏻 #chihuahuas ♬ Strawberry – Prod. By Rose

The small dog starts off, seemingly dragging her feet with every step. With a performance worthy of an Oscar, she gives the impression she’s too tired to walk any further. But oh, how quickly things change! The moment they decide to head home, this sassy pooch springs to life, leaving her previous act in the dust.

Reminiscing about a past pet, the user wrote, “I had a big Rottweiler who shared her feelings.”


Just like the Chihuahua, once he had enough, heading home was the only option. Despite training, some habits just can’t be broken!

Viewers chimed in with their own hilarious experiences.

A chuckling viewer noted, “Same with mine! Looks straight up disabled until we turn back and then suddenly he’s leading the pack.”

Others joined in, with @Raine admitting, “Same girl, same. My Chi knows her way home.”

@kaybee714 humorously added, “Me, with literally any social engagement.”

Perhaps this little furball just didn’t want to leave her toys behind? Or maybe it’s just the signature Chihuahua sass? Whatever her reason, she’s got the charm to pull it off!