Tiny Pup Gets Angry With Mom’s Holiday Decor [Video]

shih tzu

  • Tito the Shih Tzu was annoyed when his mom put up some holiday decor.
  • Among the holiday-themed tabletop decor was a hedgehog figurine, which Tito considered a threat.
  • He even tried to bite it when his mom held it up to him.

Those of us who love the holidays get excited about putting up the holiday decor. They instantly brighten the space and put us in a celebratory mood. Some people are not a fan, however, while some pet parents have to consider which decor is safe to put up when there are pets around.

Some pets love playing with the holiday decor, like how some cats think of Christmas ornaments as balls to bat around. Some pets are simply destructive, which can force pet parents to protect their Christmas trees.

Tito the Shih Tzu is one of those pets who’s not a fan of holiday decor. His mom, Mary, just put up some tabletop decor for the holidays. One of these was a hedgehog figurine. The hedgehog was apparently a threat to Tito, and he tried his best to chase it out with his barking.

His mom even held the hedgehog up to his face so he can see that it was not a threat, but he tried to take a bite out of it!

Photo Credit: TikTok/titothepintsizedshihtzu

We wonder what’s going on in Tito’s mind. Animal behaviorist Patricia B. McConnell, PHD, may have an explanation. She said that dogs can show fear or annoyance during the holidays due to a variety of reasons. This could include fatigue from posing for too many photos or seeing a lot of people around.

Perhaps Tito simply didn’t like the idea of his mom having other “pets” that catch her attention, even if they are just figurines!

Photo Credit: TikTok/titothepintsizedshihtzu

In any case, Tito can still look forward to holiday treats and warm snuggles with his mom.

Source: Pet Helpful

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kurt gandenberger

i agree with the dog. “what in God’s name does a hedgehog have to do with Christmas?”