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Toddler Born Without Hands Meets Puppy Without Paw



  • Born without hands, little Ivy McLeod has learned to do everyday things differently.
  • While she enjoys life normally, her mom Vanessa wanted to get her a companion with the same limb differences.
  • Lucky, a puppy missing a paw, soon joined their family.

Little Ivy McLeod is one cheerful toddler. She just loves exploring the world around her! Born without hands, she has learned to do things differently, like holding coloring markers between her toes.

Her mom, Vanessa, says that the 2-year-old doesn’t completely understand how different she is yet. So before her difference starts to isolate her, Vanessa wanted to get her a companion that won’t make her feel alone.

Vanessa started to look for a puppy that had the same limb differences to help show her daughter that different is also beautiful.

Speaking to CTV News, Vanessa shared what she wanted to tell her daughter: “You know you were born that way but different is beautiful and this puppy was also born that way and that is also a beautiful thing.”

Their search didn’t take long. A puppy missing a paw was born just weeks after — and near their Vancouver, British Columbia neighborhood.

Lucky, the pup is now named, has formed a beautiful bond with Ivy.

Vanessa hopes that Ivy and Lucky will help change the world’s perception of physical differences.

She told CTV, “I love everything that is different about her, so I encourage people not to view disabilities as sad or something to be pitied but something to be celebrated.”

What a lovely way to show her daughter just how much she loves her! It seemed like fate that Lucky was born to be Ivy’s companion.


Source: Good News Network