Toddler Caught Sharing Snack With Dog Immediately Blamed The Poor Pup [Video]

  • TikTok user @beckylloyd100 secretly recorded her daughter and pet dog sneaking a snack.
  • The reactions of the partners in crime when they got caught will certainly make you LOL.
  • The toddler and her dog just live by the “Sharing is caring” code.

When kids and dogs get together, mischief could not be far away.  Children do not have the heart to say “no” or deny a pet anything— food especially.  That is why parental supervision is always advised.  But every now and then, a crime is committed.

This time, over yogurt.

In a video posted by TikTok user @beckylloyd100, the culprits, her daughter Beatrice and their cockapoo Jeff, were caught red-handed by their mom sharing spoonfuls of yogurt.

The two did not know that they were being recorded. And when the two realized that their ruse was uncovered, they had the cutest reaction!

Beatrice was caught in the act of scooping her yogurt and Jeff was licking the snack!  With her mouth covered in yogurt, she turns to Jeff and blames him for masterminding the whole thing.    

Photo by Samuel Pollard on Unsplash

What a hilarious pair of hooligans!  And the viewers cannot help but LOL.  @user2886372636739 commented, “Awe she is so cute and generous” while @luxjerryious said, “Sharing is caring…”

The sharing part may be a good lesson but parents know too well how difficult it is to teach kids not to feed their dogs just about anything they snack on.  As klhaur commented, “So cute. My dog gained so much weight when our baby was a toddler LOL.”

Still another viewer, @smokesymcpot, said, “I wish I could tell you it changes, my 3-year-old let the cat lick the cheese off a Dairylea Dunker the other day.”

Well, you don’t see Beatrice and Jeff being guilty, just surprised.  Maybe next time they would look for a more hidden “snack” area?

Source: Pet Helpful

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Can’t imagine life without a canine/felines in it……They make our lives so enjoyable with their antics…….makes it easier for those moments when they do a no-no……….