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Toddler Who Survived A Rare Disease Dresses Up As His Doctor For Halloween



  • Jonah was very young when he was diagnosed with a severe combined immunodeficiency disease.
  • He underwent a stem cell transplant when he was only 7 months old.
  • Because his doctor meant so much to him and his family, they decided to dress him up like his doctor for trick-or-treating!

While many kids would most likely prefer to dress in their favorite superheroes in the movies, Jonah Bump is different — he prefers to dress up like his real-life hero, his doctor. 

The 2-year-old boy was discovered to have a severe combined immunodeficiency disease when she was just a baby. He was only 7 months old when he had his first stem cell transplant at the Norton Children’s Cancer Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Because Jonah’s body had no functioning immune system, he was mostly isolated in his hospital room where, Dr. William Tse, the hospital’s director of pediatric stem cell transplantation, and his staff, were the only ones allowed to go in. 

Photo Credit: Norton Children’s Cancer Institute

“The doctors and nurses became like extended family to us,” his mom, Laurie, said. “Dr. Tse went out of his way to do things for me just out of kindness. Our family has a soft spot for Dr. Tse because of everything he’s done for us and the way he cares about Jonah and our family.”

Jonah is kind of special to Dr. Tse as well,  because he was one of the first patients he had when he started working at the hospital more than two years ago. That’s why, until now, he keeps in touch and checks on him every now and then. 

“Every time I see him I’m amazed by how well he’s doing,” Dr. Tse said. “I feel proud. I feel happy and grateful that together (with his family) we can help Jonah to become a healthy child.”

Photo Credit: Norton Children’s Cancer Institute

Dr. Tse means so much to the Bump family, so when Halloween came — the holiday to show off the beat costumes — Laurie thought it would be great to dress Jonah up as Dr. Tse! 

Jonah wears white coat, blue shirt, a tie, and a badge that says “Tse, MD, Jr.” Then Laurie sent a photo of him to one of Dr. Tse’s nurses and the pediatrician absolutely loved it! 

“He was like a mini-me,” Dr. Tse said. “I was touched. I was so surprised and I didn’t expect it. The costume looked like me down to the very last detail.”

He then wishes that someday, Jonah would become a real doctor — a pediatrician like him. But for now, he is welcome to play like one, and he is certainly adorable!

Source: Good Morning America