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Too Big to Budge: St. Bernard’s Nap Leaves Owner Hilariously Stranded Outside [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A woman in Chicago was humorously blocked from entering her home by Midas, her sprawling, napping Saint Bernard; video goes viral on TikTok with over 4.3 million views.
  • Large breeds like Saint Bernards can sleep up to 18 hours a day due to their size and energy needs.
  • The internet reacts with humor and camaraderie; many appreciate the inadvertent security Midas offers.

Picture this: arriving home only to be denied entry, not by a security system, but by a sprawling, napping Saint Bernard named Midas.

For one Chicago woman, this was reality, a hilarious hiccup in her day captured for posterity on TikTok.

The woman’s humorously confounded plight was shared under the TikTok handle

Midas, the four-legged furry roadblock, was quite contentedly napping, absolutely oblivious to his human’s chilly predicament outside.

The video documenting the incident has since soared in popularity, boasting a view count over 4.3 million.


While many might be quick to scoff at Midas’ determination to nap, large breeds such as Saint Bernards need more sleep than your average pup.

According to Dr. Sara Ochoa, a veterinarian with Dog Lab, “Very large breed dogs… tend to sleep a lot more… due to their massive size.”

With some tipping the scales over 200 pounds, these gentle giants can clock in an impressive 18 hours of sleep daily, as per the American Kennel Club.

But Midas isn’t just any dog; a cursory glance at his TikTok profile reveals an action-packed life, explaining his propensity to catch some Z’s.

However, the buzz isn’t just about Midas’s naptime; it’s the shared camaraderie and humor among viewers that steals the show.

“A land walrus moves for no one,” joked one viewer, while others highlighted the canine’s unintentional efficacy as a security system.


A fellow big dog enthusiast empathized, “having previously owned 3 Saint Bernard’s…we know the feeling all too well!”

In the grand tapestry of internet oddities, the image of a snoozing Saint Bernard inadvertently guarding a home’s entrance stands out.

As one TikToker remarked, “He is working smart.”

There’s no place like home, unless of course, a sleeping giant guards the door! 🐶💤🚪