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Touching Reunion Of Dad And Daughter After 7 Weeks Of Being Apart Is Warming Many Hearts [Video]



  • Scott had to continue working as a service engineer in the middle of the COVID-19.
  • Since his daughter is immunocompromised because of cancer, they made a difficult decision to separate her dad from her.
  • After Scott got laid off from his job, he went into quarantine and was then cleared to come back home.

Social distancing has been truly an emotional battle for some families. 

Mila Sneddon of Falkirk, a 4-year-old girl from Scotland is immunocompromised due to her existing illness—a rare form of leukemia. Because of that her family had to endure the difficult decision of keeping her away from her dad, Scott, who still had to continue working in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic as a service engineer.

Scott and her daughter, Jodi, 16, chose to live with their relatives nearby, and can only talk to Mila through Facetime or at times, the the window in their backyard.

“When he first came, Mila was confused and asked, ‘Why can’t daddy come in?’ which upset us both,” her mom Llynda said.

When Llynda posted on Facebook a photo of Mila giving her dad a kiss through the glass window, it touched many hearts and quickly went viral. Many people praise the family for their courage to go through the difficult decision of keeping themselves safe, especially the precious little girl. Even the NHS and celebrities like Ant and Dec lauded the family.

Photo Credit: LLynda Sneddon

A few weeks earlier, Scott was laid off from his job which meant finally, he can come home to his family. He went into two weeks of quarantine to make sure he is COVID-free and then came home to surprise his little one. 

Photo Credit: LLynda Sneddon

After a total of seven weeks being away from each other, Scott showed up at the window in the back garden and told Mila he could come home right at that moment and then he went inside. The little girl was so happy she was unable to contain her happiness and cried while she was in her dad’s arms. 

This very touching reunion yet again warmed many hearts! 

Source: Inspire More