Troublemaker Dog Ends Up Getting His head Stuck In A Pumpkin [Video]

  • The Hoerner’s family dog, Luke, has always been a troublemaker ever since they brought him home.
  • But the most hilarious incident so far was when Luke got his head stuck inside a pumpkin.
  • Luke was not even bothered by the thing on his head and just went on jumping and looking at the family through the pumpkin’s holes.

When you have the reputation for being the family’s troublemaker, you end up getting laughed at before they help you.  Such is Luke the dog’s experience.

Luke’s mom, Becca Ann Hoerner said, “Since we brought him home we have had to pick up all things plastic, metal, ceramic, brick, even concrete items because he will chew/carry around ANYTHING but a dog toy! On the first day we brought him home he was dragging a pipe wrench twice his size in the yard.” 

Photo Credit: Becca Ann Hoerner

Trouble could be Luke’s middle name. And so, when the family went out to do some quick errands for Canadian Thanksgiving, it was no surprise that they came home to a hilarious scene, thanks to Luke.

Hoerner amusingly said, “We pulled up to the house and my husband ran the bags in, but quickly ran back out of the house in hysterical laughter. He yelled for me to come into the house and the only information he would give me is ‘You gotta see this.’ I was immediately worried until I got to the door and Luke was there to greet me with a massive bobbly pumpkin stuck on his head!”

Photo Credit: Becca Ann Hoerner

The whole family laughed out loud while watching Luke jump around with the pumpkin on.

But troublemaker that he is, he was not even bothered by it.  Hoerner thinks he was even having a blast. Luke was even looking at the family’s reactions through the pumpkin’s holes!

Photo Credit: Becca Ann Hoerner

The family thinks that he already had plans on the pumpkin and as soon as they went out the door, he grabbed the pumpkin, chewed its top and inserted his head.

After much laughter and photos for posterity, Luke’s mom got the pumpkin off his head.

Photo Credit: Becca Ann Hoerner

Hoerner said, “Once we got the thing off his head, he behaved pretty well the same way as when it was on. He was just excited to see us home and gave us a few ‘thank you’ kisses for saving his fuzzy butt from the evil pumpkin!”

What could the troublemaker Luke be up to next? Updates please!

Source: The Dodo

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