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Tubs The Staffy Pup Loves Greeting Neighbors and Make New Friends [Video]



  • A dog in Australia has captured the attention of more than 600,000 followers as she greets neighbors and friends with her smile and wagging tail when they pass by their yard.
  • Her parents have even put in a sign with “Tubs is friendly. Loves a Gentle Pat” to encourage them to return her affection.
  • More than 5.8 million have already viewed her video while she receives pats and there’s plenty more to warm hearts.

It is not often that a pup would come with a “Friendly. Loves a Pat” sign.  Mostly it is a warning to not pet or to be aware of the dog. But Tubs the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Townsville, Australia is friendly, smiles and wags her tail in excitement when she meets people.

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Tubs simply loves people.

Tubs greets them when they walk by their front yard.  She has formed a friendship with her neighbors and all who give her attention. Her parents have even witnessed how one family welcomed more members.

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Her parents even put a sign up in their front yard telling people to give the friendly pooch a gentle pat as she loves receiving them.

But not everyone responds positively to her.  And remember what they say about not trusting a person who dogs do not trust…  

Photo Credit: @tubsthebluestaffy (TikTok)

As her parents say, “Not everyone pats Tubs, and that’s okay…. we understand but Tubs does not.”

From the reaction of more than 5.8 million people who viewed Tub’s video and her 642,000 followers, they would welcome Tubs’ smiles and tail wags. And pat her as much as she wants.

Photo Credit: @tubsthebluestaffy (TikTok)

One commenter said, “I would never leave if I stopped by,” while another wrote, “So many snuggles.”  One even commented, “She’s everyone’s emotional support dog.”

This is just from one video.  If you can’t have enough of Tubs, her mom’s TikTok and Instagram accounts are a showcase of her videos showing her happy and infectious love for her neighbors, passersby and of course, her fans.

Keep on loving, Tubs!

Source: Inspire More