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Two Dogs Delivers Beers At Front Doors Of Customers Quarantined At Home



  • Six Harbors Brewing Company wishes to put smiles on people’s faces, doing so in every beer delivery unto their doorstep.
  • The company owner decided on soliciting help from Barley and Buddy to deliver beer to costumers quarantined at home.
  • The customers welcome the two dogs, requesting that Buddy and Barley deliver their purchases to their doorstep.

Two good dogs are making the most out of what they can during this coronavirus lockdown by delivering goods to people confined inside their houses.

Six Harbors Brewing Company in Long Island, New York updated its delivery systems to take into account social distancing guidelines. The brewery solicited help from Barley and Buddy, not only to deliver beer to customers quarantined at home but also to put a smile on their faces.

“We’ve had to change our business model,” Company Owner Mark Heuwetter told the New York Daily News.

Absolute Beer | Barley, and Buddy

“We created an online store and now people can have curbside or delivery. We took the dogs on a few trips and people were loving the dogs when they came, so we added them,” Mark said. “They put smiles on people’s faces.”

BuzzFeed News | Barley, and Buddy

The delivery arrangements with the dogs are welcomed. The customers even made requests that Buddy and Barley deliver their purchases to their doorstep.

“We are finding out, and maybe it’s because of what’s happening right now — our online store is generating so much sales — that depending on the day we are matching or exceeding what we did before isolation and I think it’s because of the dogs,” Mark said.

Business Insider | Barley, and Buddy

Six Harbors Brewing is celebrating their two years of business this month. The owners of the company estimate a 95 percent decrease in sales but assure that the brewery will continue business operations.

The brewing company would remain open during the statewide lockdown after reportedly enumerated as one of many essential businesses in Huntington. The good news for the company is that the demand for their product, because of their curbside and pick-up delivery arrangements, recorded an increase because of their two delivery dogs.

Per New York Daily News, Barley and Buddy carry around an empty four-pack of Six Harbors Brewing Company beers, draped around their necks, but the makeshift necklace had company customers calling the dogs as the “brew dogs.”

“Buddy and Barley love people,” Mark said. “At the brewery, they’d just walk table to table and people would just pet them and continue their conversations and the dogs would sit there until they’d stop petting and then they’d move to the next table.”

“We just wanted to create something different — and it’s morphed into this whole thing of the brew dog show… people request Buddy and Barley,” he explained.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo extended stay-at-home orders in NYC until at least May 15. This is in response to the increasing number of confirmed cases in the city, now the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Source: The U.S. Sun