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Two Playful Cats’ Jump Scare Antics Keep TikTok In Stitches [Video]



  • The game of revenge started when the cat named Want jump scares his brother PP.
  • The first video shows Want hiding and creeping on PP then pounces on him!
  • The second video is PP’s comeuppance on Want which has gained nearly 14 million views.

The stars of the show are two cats — a domestic shorthair Wangcai (a.k.a. Want) and a seal point ragdoll named Pengpeng (PP for short), who has a channel on TikTok called PPandWant.

Their crazy antics as they live from day to day keeps people glued on the channel.  But their quest on revenge for the jump scares that they have been giving each other are what people are laughing about.

@ppandwant pp’s been practicing his jump scares #petsoftiktok ♬ Somebody’s Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

In an April 12 clip which started it all, PP is hiding behind a bedroom door waiting to jump on an unsuspecting Want.  PP goes for the kill, successfully scaring Want!  But Want does not show that he was affected and goes on his way.  He might not have shown it, but a plan to seek revenge on PP was planted.


want’s had it with pp scaring him so want’s doing it back ♬ Carmina Burana: O fortuna – Seiji Ozawa

Then came May 8. It is time to turn the tables on PP.  Want’s plan is a little subtle but carefully executed.  In the video, Want waits patiently, while a seemingly oblivious PP even scratches and stretches at the door frame.  And when PP leaves the room and walks down the hallway, Want lures back PP into the room and jumps scare him!

PP was clearly shaken and flees the room but recoups his emotions and goes back to Want.  He bumps Want and the door with his shoulder, climbs on the back of the door and checks if there are still other cats waiting to pounce on him.


he said gatekeep ♬ Cat Chase – NEKO WORKs

And then pandemonium breaks out as the two cats seek revenge on each other.

This second video of topping one cat’s scare tactics on another has already gained 13.7 million views! 

We hope that each cat creates more revenge plots for viewers to have a boisterous laughter from.


Source: Daily Paws