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Two-Year-Old Climbs Inside Claw Machine, Only ‘Nanny’ Motivates Him To Come Out [Video]



  • A mom noticed that her two-year-old son was missing from the playground that she left him in.
  • When she searched, she found the boy in the claw machine playing with all the toys and they could not get him out.
  • All that the boy needed was the magic word, “Nanny”, and he was out with no injuries but with two toys.

Let this be a warning: When a child goes silent or missing, there is bound to be mischief that is happening.  Just like two-year-old Brooklyn Larsen who is nicknamed “Dennis The Menace” for nothing.

Brooklyn’s mom, Ashlee Larsen of Melbourne, Australia, said they were out dining at a local restaurant and left her son in an indoor playground near the restaurant where they were dining in.

She said, “I thought, ‘I haven’t seen him in a couple of minutes, I’m sure he’s probably just in the slide’.  But another minute went by and I didn’t see him come out, so I thought I’d better go check on him.”

Photo Credit: Storyful Viral (YouTube)

And there, inside a claw machine was her son gleefully looking at her and playing in the toys that they set out to look for. He found it!

Aslee added, “He crawled through the door that the teddies come out of, and climbed his way up the chute into the machine.” Ashlee recalled that at first, Brooklyn was “very happy with himself and was throwing the toys down the chute for all his friends.”

To get him out, the restaurant manager asked the fire brigade for help.  But before they could reach the store, Brooklyn started to cry.  And Aslee’s partner Troy Wright just had to find a way to get the child out.

Photo Credit: Storyful Viral (YouTube)

They were figuring out how to motivate Brooklyn to get down from the machine.  And all that they needed was the magic word “Nanny”, who was Brooklyn’s favorite person.

“So I said ‘Nanny’s here, come and see Nanny’. So, straight away he went ‘Nanny?’ and he just turned around backwards and he just slid on out,” Aslee shared.

And so that is how Brooklyn safely got out.  He did not sustain any injury and even got two stuffed toys as a memento of his adventure!

You really lived up to your nickname, Brooklyn!

Source: Inspire More