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Two-year-old Fell In Love With A Pup With A Cleft Lip Like Him [Video]



  • When Brandon Boyers went to a local animal shelter, he was first looking for chickens to adopt. 
  • But then he met a little pup who has a cleft lip and he thought he was going to be a perfect addition to his family.
  • Well, he was not wrong because his 2-year-old son who also has a cleft lip, loved the little pup the instant he saw him.

When Brandon Boyers went to the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan he was initially thinking of adopting chickens. But then he met a 2-month-old puppy who has something special about him that made the young dad want to adopt him instead.

The black and white sweet pup has a cleft lip just like his 2-year-old son Bentley. Turned out, it was a perfect choice because the little one was apparently thrilled to meet his new best friend.

His mom, Ashley Boyers, was also excited about the duo’s friendship because it’s clear that they clicked with each other instantly!

“To see him have something in common with a puppy means a lot because he can grow up and understand that he and his puppy both have something that they can share in common,” she said.

Photo Credit: Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan (Facebook)

On a post on Facebook by the Jackson County Animal Shelter, they expressed how equally happy they are with the adoption and that they are looking forward to the two of them grow up together and share “many years of joy.”

Photo Credit: Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan (Facebook)

“It’s so hard to put into words how meaningful this adoption is to all of us so we are going to let the pictures speak for themselves,” the shelter said in a caption along with photos showing Bently and his new pup bonding together!

Photo Credit: Jackson County Animal Shelter – Michigan (Facebook)

Congratulations little Bentley for meeting someone who is as special as you. May you both grow together to be the best friends in life as you ought to be!

Source: Good News Network