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U.K. Celebrity Chef Shows The Internet A Way To Take Care Of Neighbors In This Difficult Time



  • Celebrity chef Anthony O’Shaughnessy from the MasterChef U.K. stays at his mother’s house during quarantine.
  • He decided to check and cook meals for his neighbor, Peter, who had done them a favor in the past.
  • Their sweet story went viral and has inspired many people to do acts of kindness to their neighbors as well.

One good thing about people is that during trying times, we try to find ways to look and care for each other.

Just like celebrity chef Anthony O’Shaughnessy from the U.K. who was currently on leave from teaching at Leeds Cookery School. While in a stay-at-home order, he decided to stay at his mother’s home in Newcastle, England.

Peter, a 70-year-old neighbor, used to look for his grandmother when she lived in his mom’s home before. In a gesture of gratitude, Anthony and his mom decided to check on Peter recently. 

“I know he had some health complications, so I was worried he would be vulnerable,” Anthony said. “I started calling him to check on him, and he told me he was waiting for an online shopping delivery, but it had been canceled twice.”

Photo Credit: Anthony O’Shaughnessy

That’s when the 2018 MasterChef semifinalist decided to take it upon himself to prepare nightly meals for the elderly neighbor. 

“My grandmother once lived in this house, and Peter helped care for her when she was poorly, doing her shopping and looking after the garden,” he added. “I thought this was a way to return the favor. It’s what my grandmother would have wanted.”

Of course, they still had to practice social distancing, so Anthony would place the dinner on a tray by the door of Peter’s home and ring the bell. He would then chat to see how he is doing.

Photo Credit: Anthony O’Shaughnessy

“I look forward to this every day,” Peter said.

Anthony actually enjoys preparing meals for Peter since his mom is not too fond with the foods he cooks. Now that their adorable story has made rounds in Twitter, Anthony hopes others will be inspired to do acts of kindness in their own ways. 

Photo Credit: Anthony O’Shaughnessy

“People have been saying nice things as well, like they want to help their neighbors and stuff and it encouraged them to check on people around them,” he said. “I think that’s nice. I hope that’s a good thing people took away from it.”

Thank you, Chef, for reminding us to be kind to our neighbors!

Source: Inspire More