Uber Driver Quits Jobs to Care For Elderly Passenger Full-Time

uber driver quits job to care for elderly passenger

  • Jenni Ekletsion became a part-time Uber driver so she can be of help to more people.
  • When she met Paul Webb, an 88-year-old with dementia, she decided to help him out whenever she can.
  • To keep Paul from being sent to a nursing home, Jenni quit her full-time job to care for him every day!

Jenni Ekletsion immigrated from Ethiopia to the U.S. 20 years ago and settled in Columbus, Ohio. She already has a good job in banking and is working her way toward a doctorate. But she believes that she was created to take care of others.

Jenni Tekletsion and Paul Webb
Photo Credit: ABC6

So, the mother of two decided to become a part-time Uber driver to connect with more people and offer help.

It was in March 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Jenni met a passenger that would change her life.

When 88-year-old Paul Webb got into Jenni’s Toyota, they both felt an instant connection. Paul found Jenni “very personable” and “easy to talk to,” while Jenni sensed Paul’s loneliness.

Uber Driver Quits to Care For Elderly Passenger Full-Time
Photo Credit: ABC6

During their short ride to the cellphone store, Jenni learned that Paul’s wife passed away years ago, and he was diagnosed with dementia in 2017. His health also started to rapidly decline during the pandemic, so his adult children worried that he was spending a lot of time alone in his house.

“I had a feeling that he needed help,” Jenni shared. “I told him I live nearby his house, so I said, ‘From now on, when you need a ride, just call me.’”

Paul called Jenni the very next day.

Jenni decided to check up on Paul every day. When they would eat outside, they alternated in paying the check. Paul’s children eventually realized that Jenni was genuinely helping their dad.

Uber Driver Quits to Care For Elderly Passenger Full-Time
Photo Credit: ABC6

In April 2021, Paul fell ill and his children considered sending him to a nursing home. But Paul was very much against it, so Jenni stepped up.

She quit her full-time job so she can care for Paul every day!

Paul’s son, Keith Webb, shared, “There are people in this world that really care. She is the real deal. She’s been there through everything. I’m just so grateful.”

Jenni shared that she couldn’t care for her own father since she left her home country, so caring for Paul felt natural. Now, Paul and Jenni share a father-daughter relationship.

Uber Driver Quits to Care For Elderly Passenger Full-Time
Photo Credit: ABC6

Paul shared, “It’s marvelous. I don’t even want to think about losing her friendship. She is like a daughter to me.”

Paul’s children consider Jenni a miracle, but she insists that she’s the lucky one to be spending time with a person “with a lot of wisdom.” She said, “How lucky am I to get to spend my days with Paul? It was the best decision I ever made.”

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