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UPS Driver’s Sweet Reaction To Snack Cart Lights Up TikTok World [Video]



  • A Kentucky couple has been leaving food and drinks for essential workers since the COVID-19 pandemic and continued this holiday season.
  • UPS driver Dorian Young’s enthusiastic appreciation for the food and drinks left for him and other drivers went viral on TikTok.
  • For Dorian, the snacks mean they are appreciated.  

Kentucky couple Toni and Jason Barnett started putting a snack cart for essential workers like delivery personnel during the COVID-19 lockdowns.  They wanted to show their appreciation to the people who kept on working even with the risk of getting the virus themselves.

@toniraebarnett Snacks for our delivery drivers. This reaction might be one of the best! #snackcart #fyp #ups #nestcam #christmas #delivery #foryou ♬ Here Comes Santa Claus – Gene Autry

The couple enjoyed the reactions of those who partook of the snacks and drinks.  But one UPS driver named Dorian Young was so enthusiastic with his appreciation for the unexpected free food. 

He has kept smiling through the COVID-19 days and was always a beacon of light during the dark days of lockdowns.  And now that the Holiday season is as busy as ever, Dorian has maintained his happy vibe.

The TikTok video that the Barnetts posted, captured how Dorian was so excited over the snacks. It showed how Dorian took a picture of the cart and then said, “You guys are the best” at the doorbell camera.

He even bounced up and down as he said, “Ooh, Capri Suns are my favorite! Yoooo!”

Toni said that Dorian’s was by far the best reaction. “He is just full of excitement”, Toni added.

Photo Credit: @toniraebarnett (TikTok)

Jason agreed that Dorian is a character that is so animated.  He is not surprised that the video blew up. “It’s all him; it’s not us!” added Jason.

And Dorian’s newfound popularity has not affected him as he remains who he is.  He went back to the Barnetts and brought them some official UPS gear and food goodies as his way of saying thank you for their kindness and consideration.

Dorian says that it feels really awesome to receive gifts from their customers.  He said, “Like you’re really appreciated.”

Photo Credit: @toniraebarnett (TikTok)

We hope that the viral video would inspire everyone to put out a snack cart for our essential workers and renew the spirit of giving.   

Source: Inspire More