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Vet Sings To Dogs To Help Them Calm Down When They’re Scared [Video]



  • Sadie was always scared whenever she and her mom were heading to visit a vet.
  • That is why her mom searched for the best doctor to help her.
  • Then they met Dr. Noah who sings to Sadie and helps her calm down.

Sadie was only one year old when her family adopted her from a local shelter. And even then, she has always shown her family that she loves to have fun.

“Her personality is SO sassy and playful,” her mom, Kaeley Simek, told The Dodo. “Ever since we gave her her first toy, she loves to play as often as she can. She is very high-energy and pretty much up for anything.”

But there is one thing that Sadie doesn’t like, seeing the vet.

Photo Credit: Kaeley Simek

“Sadie was not scared of vets when first rescuing her, but once she realized that she always goes there to get shots or if she has pain, she quickly learned it is not a fun place to be,” Kaeley said. 

Sadie has had bad memories of going to the vet and every time she realizes where she and her mom are headed, she’s absolutely terrified. That is why Kaeley has always wanted to find a doctor who would totally understand the pup’s anxiety and help her overcome it—then they finally met one.

“We started going to Dr. Noah of Dr. Noah’s Ark in Shorewood, [Wisconsin], in September of 2019,” Kaeley said. “He was very highly rated and I also saw many reviews that [said] he doesn’t wear the ‘white coat’ at appointments, which can be a huge trigger for dogs.” 

When Kaeley explained to the doctor Sadie’s anxieties, he could see how scared she was. Then she learned his amusing way to calm his patients—his lovely voice. 

Dr. Noah’s way of serenading his patients to calm them whenever they are nervous and scared works most of the time.

“The first time we went to him, he sang to her and she ended up on the floor kissing him and he was able to give the two shots she needed,” Kaeley said. “He has sang to her ever since.” 

The doctor surely knows how overwhelming it is for some pets to visit the vet. That’s why he does his best to help them relax through his music.

Now, Sadie trusts Dr Noah and she’s started to learn that going to the vet is not that bad at all.


Source: The Dodo