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Veterinarian Gives us a Peek into his Daily Meetings with Adorable Pets [Video]



  • Dr. Matt McGlasson, a veterinarian, has become overwhelmed with his clients’ cuteness that he decided to share it with the online world.
  • The self-proclaimed kitten-obsessed vet is now brightening the days of his clients and followers alike.
  • Thanks to the clips of his meetings with his adorable clients, we can bask in the cuteness overload!

Any animal lover may have considered being a veterinarian as a profession. It would be the dream job — seeing adorable clients every day would feel like paradise.

One veterinarian, Dr. Matt McGlasson, has given us a peek on how it’s like at the vet clinic during a typical day, and it’s simply cuteness overload!

Photo Credit: TikTok/dr.mattmcglasson

Dr. McGlasson himself said that he has become obsessed with kittens, and gave us undeniable proof!

Check out some of his videos and see if they don’t convince you to want a job at the vet clinic.

1. How could anyone not fall for these adorable kittens? They’re pocket-sized, too!

2. He was so obsessed with kittens that he decided to bring one home!

3. The adorable kitten was quickly put to work kneading dough and making biscuits!

4. He also has gimmicks for holidays like Halloween, and his clients are such good sport!

5. He gets anxious too, especially when his next client is the tiny but ferocious Chihuahua.


I love chihuahuas 😊 but they have really sharp teeth 😢. #chihuahuas #vet #vetsoftiktok #dogtor #veterinarian ♬ original sound – Sarah Cothran

6. Still, judging by this video compilation, his typical week is filled with fluffiness!

Dr. McGlasson’s work as a veterinarian is certainly crucial. Surely, not everything is rainbows and butterflies, but he makes sure that he shares all the bright spots of his day with everyone!

We also can’t help but love his enthusiasm and humor, which he seems to retain even during busy days.

Photo Credit: TikTok/dr.mattmcglasson

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