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Video: Golden Retriever Pranks Owner, Fails to Fool Cat



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever, Maple, tricks her owner into thinking she’s injured but fails to fool the house cat, Waffles.
  • The video of Maple’s prank, shared on TikTok, quickly goes viral, garnering over 1.1 million views and 144,000 likes.
  • Experts remind us that although dogs can mimic injuries for attention, it’s vital to consistently monitor your pets’ health.

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Picture this: A cat named Waffles being tricked by a golden retriever named Maple. This remarkable spectacle is the subject of an amusing TikTok video that has captured numerous hearts.
Maple is seen limping about the house, avoiding putting weight on her right paw, causing her anxious owner to try and figure out what’s amiss.

In this intriguing game, Maple decides not to pressure her right paw, causing visible worry from her owner. What drove her to this act? Most likely, she just needed a bit more attention. Nevertheless, it’s the reaction from Waffles, the cat, that truly stands out.

After realising that Maple’s paw wasn’t stuck with anything, the concerned owner – perplexed by Maple’s behavior – immediately arranged for a vet consultation.

After eliciting sympathy from her owner, Maple aimed her theatrics at Waffles. However, Waffles, true to his feline nature, was not so easily deceived. He quickly identified her act and defensively repelled her.


Despite her unsuccessful effort to fool Waffles, Maple kept up her pretense. Her theatrics stopped when rain started, as her love of rain showers overpowered her acted “injury”, and she gleefully gave in to the joy of playing in the rain.

Maple’s behavior is not unique. Dogs, known for their intelligence, often act out injuries. They do this for attention, to be pampered, or maybe even to get a few extra treats. However, it’s critical not to dismiss all their behavior as mere pretense. So, how can you separate their real discomfort from their performances?

The first sign to look for is inconsistency in their “injury”, just like Maple, who quickly forgot her “wound” when a more exciting event, like rain, occurred. Another indicator is their reaction when the supposed injury area is touched.

This amusing video quickly gathered over 1.1 million views and 144,000 likes on TikTok, eliciting entertaining comments from a range of users.

Eugene noted, “the cat displaying the usual level of cat empathy.”
User Terrordyne shared an experience: “Our pitbull feigned a leg injury to avoid a walk. After hundreds of dollars and xrays, she walked perfectly fine out of the vet.”
Veterinary technician, Tiggy, advised: “As a vet tech, I’d still keep an eye out just in case. Often, when pets are excited, their adrenaline overpowers their pain. It may still be a sprain or something though.”


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