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Video: Hilarious Doggy Tantrum Over Lost Ball



Quick Smiles:

  • A hilarious video clip features a German Shepherd named Onyx having a “doggy tantrum” because of a misunderstanding.
  • The video, shared by Onyx’s owner Nikki on TikTok, has managed to accumulate over 1.4 million views.
  • The amusing incident was Onyx mistakenly accusing his owners of hiding his favorite ball, sparking a wave of laughter among TikTok users.

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Life is replete with unexpected comedic moments. One of those moments most recently took the internet by storm thanks to Onyx, a German Shepherd from Western Australia. A video clip of the lovable dog frantically searching for his ball, which he believed was concealed by his owners, has left viewers with broad smiles and bouts of laughter.

Nikki, Onyx’s owner, posted the video on TikTok and it has captured the hearts of internet users, accumulating a whopping 1.4 million views. In the video, Onyx’s confused expressions and vocal objections make for a hilarious watch as he confronts each family member under the belief they’re hiding his cherished ball. The caption humorously reads, “Ever seen a doggy tantrum?”, aptly summarizing the entire situation.

“We often play hide and seek with his ball, and I think he presumed we had it even though we didn’t,” Nikki explained. The video commences with Onyx storming into the room with a mix of suspicion and resolve, convinced his owners are concealing his prized toy.

The video led to an outpouring of amusement from TikTok users who found Onyx’s antics thoroughly entertaining. Comments poured in with one user, Ulita Heilala saying, “First time seeing a dog just walk in and start complaining at everyone.” Another user, @bris2999, added: “The good thing is he stayed calm and didn’t overreact.”


TikTok user Ms. Freda humorously commented, “He was ready to throw paw.”

Nikki clarified that Onyx’s reaction was simply a result of a misunderstanding and not because his toy was intentionally hidden. “Some people thought he was being aggressive, and that we were being harsh; that’s definitely not the case,” Nikki added. “This is just how he is.”

Interestingly, Onyx isn’t the only dog whose ball obsession has entertained the internet. In 2022, Elton, a golden retriever, became a sensation when he lost his ball at the park, showing a less than pleased reaction. Additionally, Ashoka, a dog who was reunited with her long-lost toy, demonstrates another instance of our furry friends’ attachment to their toys.

Eventually, Onyx found his ball right where he left it. The video featuring his funny misunderstanding and ensuing “tantrum” has spread joy far and wide, a fact that Nikki finds heartening. “I love sharing funny dog videos because they cheer me up, and I’d like to believe they uplift others as well,” she stated.


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