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Video Of Dogs Relaxing And Dozing Off In A Hammock While Being Groomed Is Absolutely Adorable To Watch! [Video]



  • Britt has 11 years experience in grooming pets and handling the wiggly ones were always a challenge.
  • That is why she came up with the idea to put them on a hammock and keep them still.
  • The hugging pressure of the hammock relaxes the dogs and they doze off easily which is so cute to watch!

Britt Johnson has been a groomer for 11 years and still, it was always a challenge for her when grooming an energetic wiggly puppy. But of course, in her long time experience, she has found the best way to keep them still and make the process go smoothly.

“I found a template on Pinterest and hand-made this one,” Britt told The Dodo. “I used ‘non-pill’ fleece fabric that doesn’t stretch as much as regular fleece. It’s soft and comfortable. Many dogs fall asleep in it!”

The pups look cute in the hammock as they relax and doze off easily while Britt does her work starting on the parts that are hard to reach.

“It works by evenly distributing the tension across the chest, belly and hips, and therefore is an excellent aid in helping older dogs that have trouble standing for long periods of time,” Britt said. “It’s also wonderful for disabled dogs.”

Photo Credit: Britt Johnson

The technique also works well for dogs who don’t like to get their nails done. The hugging pressure of the hammock relaxes them just like that of the ThunderShirt. So once in the hammock, it is easier to tend to the dog’s least favorite parts fast and and get back quickly to his favorite pets and treats.

Recently, a video of the dogs in the hammock while being groomed went viral and they look absolutely adorable! 

Photo Credit: Britt Johnson

But the hammock is not for every dog. In fact, Britt normally uses it only for 1 out of 50 dogs in a maximum of five minutes every time. Their comfort should always come first.

“I’m passionate about educating clients and other groomers on safe techniques and putting the happiness of the dog over forcing them through a groom to get a perfect result,” Britt said, “Or as we like to say in the grooming world, ‘humanity over vanity.’”

Source: The Dodo