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Volunteers Give Free Lawn Service to Medical Frontliners’ Families



  • Professional landscapers of the company Weed Man volunteered for Project Evergreen to do the lawns of homes of our first responders and health care workers.
  • This project originally started in 2006 servicing homes of military families.
  • When the pandemic broke out, they decided to also extend it to the families of the frontliners.

Professional landscapers volunteered at Project Evergreen, a non-profit organization, and have since been mowing lawns of this pandemic’s frontline workers so as to relieve some of their stress!

Project Evergreen is composed of volunteers from big companies like Weed Man, who choose homes with a healthcare worker or  first responder to attend to. An ER nurse named Logan Gillen, was one of their recipients, was glad to spend hours bonding with family when not at work, while his lawn was being taken cared for

Weed Man also partners with local volunteers, and church groups, to service more homes. So far, they have serviced homes of frontliners in 6 states.

Photo Credit: Weed Man

“The Green Care Program for front line workers has given us at Weed Man Fresno an opportunity to show our appreciation and help those who dedicate their lives to helping others,” owner Jeff Kollenkark, said.

“We have a total of nine customers in the program and are blessed to be able to give back to the hard working front line workers who put their lives at risk every day.”

But this is not something new at all. Since 2006,  through the organization’s GreenCare for Troops program, volunteers have been servicing the lawns of military families.

Families of the military often face a lot of challenges especially when their loved one is deployed and doing their home’s yard is probably their least priority. That’s why the GreenCare for Troops have decided to mow the lawns for them and the initiative has been a big help!

When the pandemic broke out, they decided to extend their service to the families of first responders and healthcare workers!

This is such a sweet way to look after our heroes, and lessen their burden, as they battle the unseen enemy to save us! Good job Project Evergreen!


Source: Good News Network