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Waffle House employees work together so teen staff can attend his graduation ceremony



  • Timothy Harrison is a hardworking high school student working at a local Waffle House.
  • Due to financial constraints, he wasn’t able to attend his graduation.
  • Cedric Hampton, Waffle House manager, set up everything, with the help of other employees, so Timothy could attend and savor his big day!

Timothy Harrison took a job at his local Waffle House to make some money before officially graduating from high school.

His manager, Cedric Hampton, described him as hardworking and “very polite.”

Photo Credit: Tim BlackBoy/Facebook

A week before Timothy’s commencement ceremony, he asked Cedric if he could take a day off to attend it. Cedric happily granted his request, even telling the diligent teenager to savor his big day. After all, graduation day is one of those important milestones in a student’s life — a way to celebrate all the years spent learning and growing, while looking forward to a bright future.

However, Cedric was surprised to see Timothy showing up at work on the day he was supposed to take a leave. When he asked the teenager, Timothy said that he couldn’t get a ride across town. He also wasn’t able to secure tickets for his family.

That could be the unfortunate high school ender for Timothy, but Cedric wouldn’t allow such thing! He quickly made a plan, with the help of other compassionate employees, to get the young man be on his graduation ceremony.

Photo Credit: wvtm13/Instagram

In a jiff, a great teamwork was seen among the employees. Cedric and two others went to a store to buy Timothy brand new graduation clothes, while Shantana Blevins, another coworker, drove Timothy to the school to get his cap and gown. The entire thing seemed like a Cinderella scene where the attic animals were preparing her for the ball!

Photo Credit: wvtm13/Instagram

Shantana also drove Timothy to the ceremony, even waited outside and drove him home after.

The employees sparked kindness among others, inspiring Lawson State Community College to offer Timothy free tuition and books if he wants to continue schooling beyond high school.

Cedric was happy to help Timothy, certain that it was the right thing to do for a good, hardworking kid who strives to go on in life.

Photo Credit: wvtm13/Instagram

“He’s a fine young man,” Cedric added. “He’s a hard worker, very polite. It’s the least we could do for him.”

Source: Inspire More