Watch 22-Year-Old Colorblind Man’s Reaction When He Sees The World In Color [Video]

  • Twenty-two-year-old colorblind man sees a kaleidoscope of colors after putting on special glasses
  • The glasses had corrected his vision and he said the colors pop.
  • Adorable video of his first reaction to the colors has already gained 15,000 likes on Twitter

Mac Erves took a color blindness test in middle school.  It did not bother him when he found out he was color blind as he had difficulty identifying specific shades of red or green.

But when well-meaning friends gifted him with special glasses made by ONKE on his 22nd birthday, that is when he knew he was missing a lot of color in his life.

Erves said, “With the glasses, you see how things are supposed to be. I’ve always seen what I’ve seen, but then when these glasses corrected my vision, it’s something I won’t forget.”

When he first tried on the glasses, his amazing reaction was caught on video which was posted on Twitter.  It has now gained more than 150,000 likes and a bunch of positive responses.

In the video, Erves is seen exclaiming at the full color of everyday objects while walking in his driveway. He can be heard shouting in disbelief at a green bush in their front yard, “Bro what?! Bro, there’s no way y’all see that s—.”

Erves said even the simple green grass in his yard “popped.”

Photo Credit: @maciavelli_ (Twitter)

“I was at a loss for words. For them to actually go out of their way and remember and do something for me like that when I never expressed how badly I wanted the glasses, it made me feel really good”, he explains.

He has not taken off the glasses during the daytime from the moment that he first put them on.

He added that for his friends to get him the glasses for his birthday meant that they really love him. “I couldn’t have asked for better people to call my brothers!!!”

Photo Credit: @maciavelli_ (Twitter)

He said, “This is probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received in my life. It is life-altering.”

Source: TODAY

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