Watch Adorable Pug’s Reaction to Mom Singing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” [Video]

  • A video of a dog momma singing Just The Way You Are to her pug dog has already earned 600,000 views on TikTok.
  • As the dog mama sings, Doug the pug steadily wags his tail while looking at her mom so adoringly.
  • Some of the lyrics of the song have been changed to reflect the dog’s qualities.

When you hear your momma singing with a beautiful voice and the lyrics talk of you, you cannot help but wag your tail and look at her adoringly all the time. Doug the Pug is literally all eyes and all ears for his mom! 

@dougthepug Made “Just The Way You Are” by @Bruno Mars into a song you can sing to your dog! The way Doug stares into my soul is something else 🥹#EndlessJourney #songformydog #justthewayyouare #petsoftiktok #dougthepug ♬ original sound – Doug The Pug

The viral clip which has now been viewed 600,000 times, perfectly captures the love between dog momma and dog.    

Doug’s reactions are so on point especially when his momma sings the line, “And when you smile,” Doug turns away as if to say “Aww” and then goes back to look at his mom. He is just so happy.

@dougthepug An anthem for all dogs in honor of #nationaldogday! Wait til the end, Doug’s reaction is so cute 🐶#songformydog #dogsoftiktok #pug @lesliemosier #fyp ♬ Song for My Dog – Leslie Mosier

@dougthepug’s caption of “The way Doug stares into my soul is something else,” really is something else. 

Both mom and Doug are clearly so in love with each other that viewers cannot help but echo the happy feelings flowing between the two. @shannondeans2000 wrote, “You have awesome voice friend and I think your dog loves it,” which @lynaepsky echoed with “His little tail wagging! Like he knows it’s about him! Too cute!” and @emparsons13 ended with, “He totally knows this song is to him.”

Photo Credit: @dougthepug (TikTok)

More singing and adoring videos please, @dougthepug.

Source: Pet Helpful

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The songs is so cute, They can put a smile on your face, if you have a bad day.

kurt gandenberger

i have had several canine friends who definitely would have sung along. this pug makes for an enthusiastic but non-participatory audience. what a cute fan!