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Watch: ‘Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids’ Having Music Jam Sessions And Their Fanbase Is Growing [Video]



  • A family from Florida decided to spend their quarantine bonding through music which they love.
  • So they started having jam sessions and soon enough, they have fans all over the world.
  • Their version of the Beatles’ “Come Together” was a really good one and it was a big hit.

People have certainly become creative in coping up with the isolation during quarantine. Just like the Clark family from Tampa, Florida who makes it a point to learn a new song every morning and perform it for their internet audience in the evening. 

Their dad, Colt Clark, is a professional musician and their mom, Mom Aubree Clark, is a photographer. Needless to say, creativity and art run in the family’s blood. She homeschools their three kids and their two sons already know how to play instruments. After the coronavirus hits the country, they now have a lot of time to practice their creativity.

“Around March 16, I lost everything, all my business canceled,” Colt said. “While staying at home, I saw how good the kids were at music.”

So Aubree made a suggestion to record their music sessions and soon enough their fans started growing. The band is known as Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids.

Photo Credit: Aubree Clark

They play a variety of genres including that of Jerry Lee Lewis and Monkees. The boys Cash, 10, and Beckett, 8, play the bass guitar and drums respectively, while their little sister Bellamy, 6, serves as the backup singer and dancer. Their band has produced incredibly good music and adorable rendition of our favorite songs.

They have been doing their jam sessions for more than a month now and their dad said he never expected their fun family bonding would become a hit. 

Photo Credit: Aubree Clark

“I am so proud of them,” Colt says about his kids. “When I see them playing with me, it’s amazing.”

Their cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together” has become one of their biggest hits. The kids picked the song for their Beatles Wednesday and although Colt was doubtful of this difficult song, they surprisingly nailed it!

Photo Credit: Aubree Clark

They are all having the time of their lives while in quarantine. Despite that situation, this is what you call a silver lining!

Source: Inspire More