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Watch FedEx Driver Sanitizes Package For A Family Whose Daughter Has Autoimmune Disorder—And That’s Just Sweet!



  • Carrie Blasi’s daughter is a type 1 diabetic and in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they did what they could to protect her daughter.
  • They left a sign on their front door to inform anyone of their daughter’s fragile health.
  • When the FedEx delivery driver had read the note, he then wiped the box to sanitize it before leaving it on their front door.

A compassionate FedEx delivery driver is currently getting praises for his sweet gesture of sanitizing the package he delivered to an 11-year-old girl with an autoimmune disorder.

“We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic [and] our federal express delivery guy wrote this on our box: ‘I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door,’” Carrie Blasi posted on Twitter together with the images of the package.

It was clearly sanitized as the liquid stains on the scanner sticker were still visible. 

“You can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. Amazing!!!” Carrie said.

Also, the driver’s sweet act was captured by Carrie’s security camera, which she has uploaded on Youtube.

In the video, the driver can be seen approaching the front door and upon noticing the note, acted accordingly with compassion.

Photo Credit: Carrie Blasi

The note on the front door was intended for the delivery of packages/mail informing that the family’s 11-year-old daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic, thus caution had to be taken.

So then the sweet driver walked back to his truck and when he returned, he was holding wet wipes in his hand, proceeded to sanitize the box, and wrote a note, before he left.

Mailman Disinfects Package

“I wanted to encourage others to be kind and helpful, especially during this time,” Carrie told PEOPLE when asked why she shared the video.

After several news outlets featured her story, Carrie has since met the driver but only remotely. 

Photo Credit: Carrie blasi

“One of the FedEx delivery guy’s friends found me on Facebook, and we were able to connect with them via video conference,” she said.

“He is such a good natured man,” Carrie said and then she shared that the driver’s daughter also has fragile health. “She was born premature — [and] fit in his hand!” Carrie told PEOPLE.

Source: PEOPLE