Watch Persistent Cat Continue Grooming Dog’s Ear Amid His Protest [Video]

  • TikTok user @spooonsman’s video of a cat licking a growling dog’s ears has the internet hooked.
  • Comments ranged from what the cat was thinking while being oblivious to the “danger” to how the dog actually likes it in spite of the protest.
  • Cat owners are advised to take the cat away or distract them with a toy when there is a reluctant and aggressive reaction to their licking.

Cats certainly live up to their reputation of doing what they want even when they are warned not to.  This time, it is a chocolate Labrador growling as the cat licks its ear. Oblivious to the warning that the dog is giving the kitty, she continues to clean the dog’s ears. 

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TikToker @spooonsman posted the video and it has already racked up 1.6 million views plus more than 100,000 likes.  Comments have also been pouring. 

Lorig972 joked about what the cat could have been saying: “Inside the cats thinking ‘oh be quiet, you need a bath.'” While @xxxooocandy, added: “Cat totally oblivious to the danger lol.” And Carebear204 said, “Cleaning that last nerve.”

But as KTSV23 wrote: “The cat: your purring is extraordinary” as if saying that it is enjoying what it is doing.  So better grin and bear it, dog.

Photo by Helena Lopes

Which Theresa Pickering Bo reacted with: “I think he was growling because their private moment was being filmed.” And GwaffMan agreed with: “He doesn’t like it but does like it.”

Still, others pointed out the danger that the kitty was facing. Whodunitbandit commented: “I thought the cat was about to lose one of his nine lives.” And Kidneystage4 seconded with: “He has beautiful teeth, lol.”

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

According to pet health experts, cats clean other animals’ ears like dogs because they can smell the earwax inside. Earwax is made up of dead skin cells and fatty acids or animal proteins — necessary food for protein-eating cats.

Cats groom each other and other animals to foster stronger bonds. 

Cat owners are warned that if the cat’s recipient of their loving licks is not receptive, give them an alternative toy to groom or simply take them away to avoid harm.

Source: Newsweek

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I am of the opinion that the dog was purring.

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