Watch this bulldog’s precious reaction to meeting his tiny baby brother [Video]

  • Pablo, a bulldog, met his baby brother Toby for the first time.
  • The day Toby was brought home, Pablo delicately peeked at the baby.
  • Their dad says Pablo has been watching over Toby since day 1. 

It’s incredibly nice when your dog sees your new baby for the first time. It’s as if you’ve finally introduced your two favorite people in the entire world to one another, and now you get to see them fall in love.

On TikTok, one father even videotaped his Bulldog, Pablo, meeting his son, Toby. He then kept track of the two as they progressed from pals to brothers.

The video begins with @bulldogpabs bringing his newborn home for the first time. In the video, the new father tells Pablo:

“You got to be gentle. I know you’re excited, but you’ve got to be gentle, all right?” 

As the video continues, Pablo attempts to sneak a peek at Toby. By the end of Toby’s first week at home, Pablo had been caught staring adoringly at his baby sibling.

“Pablo. You’re a good boy, ain’t ya?” his dad says in the background.


Pablo couldn’t be any cuter, could he? 

By the end of six months, Pablo’s bond with Toby had truly won people over. Pablo now not only watches over Toby like a protective big brother, but he also knows how to kiss him!

Commenters were blown away by Pablo’s tenderness with Toby.

“Toby isn’t your baby anymore, he’s Pablo’s,” wrote @lulubean93.

“When he’s sat looking at him on the sofa 🥰,” @critical_thinker_76 commented. 

In a second video, @bulldogpabs shared a longer clip of Pablo watching over Toby and noted that Pablo has always kept an eye on him since day one.

We think he’s going to be the best big brother ever.

Source: Pet Helpful

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