Watch This Chihuahua Welcomes Foster Kittens Into Their Home [Video]

  • Unlike other Chihuahuas or dogs that snarl or move away from new animals in their home, Peaches welcomes new kittens.
  • The TikTok video of the sweet Chihuahua proves that regardless of her breed, Peaches is a sweet girl.
  • The kittens may have been taken aback by the reception as they are adjusting to her, but Peaches does not mind and welcomes them still.

Chihuahuas are reputed to be divas.  They bark or snap and expect people to be wrapped around their spoiled paws.  But Peaches is an exception to the bad reputation. 

Her mama has been showing videos of the Chihuahua’s happy demeanor on @chihuahuapeaches on TikTok to destigmatize the breed.  Her latest video on how she welcomes new kittens into their home is just an example of how sweet Peaches is.

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She lovingly looks at her new siblings with her cute tail wagging and reaches gently out to them while the kittens are still trying to figure her out. She doesn’t mind and goes on to sniff and be close to the kittens.  This video has got the TikTok world abuzz.

One commenter @staceyye87’s wrote, “My chi thinks every cat wants to be friends. They unfortunately do not feel the same 😂.” LOL!

Photo Credit: @chihuahuapeaches (TikTok)

@eener71224 wrote, “I think she approves of them 😉 🥰.”

Peaches just shows that you really cannot generalize breeds.  She loves her foster siblings and is not afraid to show it.  And when her foster kitten siblings get to have new homes, she will happily welcome fosters into their home. 

Good job, Peaches! 

Source: Pet Helpful

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