Watch this sweet blind cat give her mom a gift [Video]

  • Moet is a blind cat.
  • She recently got sick and is currently staying with the vet.
  • Moet’s mom uploaded a TikTok video of her cat’s act of generosity.

A pet’s generosity has touched people all over the world. 

Moet, a blind cat, frequently engages in mischief with her sibling Chandon. She does, however, have the biggest heart. The cat is unquestionably generous. A video of her giving her mother a present is going viral.

@moetblindcat Mum is missing this sweet girl. She’s so proud of giving gifts 🥹 #catsoftiktok #catlovers #catlovers #blindcat ♬ the night we met – weeping audios

The video was posted at a time when Moet’s mother was missing the cat terribly. Moet had been sick recently, according to the pet owner’s TikTok page @moetblindcat, and was now being treated at the vet. So it’s understandable that the person was thinking back on happier times when she published the video.

“Mum is missing this sweet girl. She’s so proud of giving gifts,” the video’s caption read. 

We weren’t the only ones who fell in love with Moet.

 “My blind kitty does this, too. It’s the sweetest,” @amedawg79 commented.

@moetblindcat I bringz gift! #catsoftiktok #cutecats #catlove ♬ In My Mind (feat. Crystal Waters) – Never Dull

Others, understandably, wished for a rapid recovery.

“Hope she’s doing better… such a sweet thing,” @muslima.ranz wrote. 

“I pray she’s feeling better. She’s such a sweet soul,” @joannlovescats also said. 

It’s always difficult when your pet isn’t feeling well, but Moet has the best support system – the over 700,000 people who follow her on social media. 

Source: Pet Helpful

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