Wedding Giveaway Made Frontline Worker’s Dream Wedding Come True

  • The bride is a frontline worker who had endured the death of a loved one, saw daily deaths at her workplace, and personal health problems.
  • Two dozen vendors offered free wedding packages to frontliners who had to postpone their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • A dream wedding that could have cost more than six-figures was all given free of charge.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken away loved ones, disrupted world economies, and postponed or cancelled plans.  We have heard of weddings done to beat a midnight lockdown; of ceremonies where the bride is by the window and the groom is on the ground.  But this wedding, it was the stuff that the bride dreamed of.  Her fairytale came true.  Thanks to two dozen vendors who gave it free of charge.

Atlanta frontline worker Nikita Horton has had to endure a year of hardships.  She is an ICU social worker who witnesses deaths every day, lost a loved one, and has personal health issues.

The year 2020 was a tough one.  Fortunately, 2021 is proving to be better with a fantastic start— her dream wedding!

Photo Credit: Glorious Moments Photography

Two dozen vendors worked hand in hand to give her what she always dreamed of.

Last January 17, 2021, she walked the aisle and said “I do” in a mermaid silhouette gown while her groom Archer wore a dark green paisley suit.

Horton said, “This was meant to be, it was written in the stars, it was destiny.”  The groom on the other hand said, “We can’t say thank you enough. We are really grateful and honored that you all gave this chance and chose us.”

Photo Credit: Glorious Moments Photography

Photo and video provider, Glorious Moments was on hand to capture everything.

What could have easily racked up a six-figure amount, was all done for free. Medical workers who had to postpone their weddings due to the coronavirus pandemic are offered this giveaway.

Horton said, “Seeing deaths is a regular thing for me, people are here one day, gone the next.” After a year of trials and difficulties, the wedding was “uplifting” for Horton.

Photo Credit: Glorious Moments Photography

One of the vendors, Miss Milly’s Event Rental and Design, owned by Courtney Laramore, said that it was her way to “pay it forward” to a front liner.  She says if not for a front liner, her son Brock would have died.

Laramore recalled, “On the last day in the NICU, a nurse heard a heart murmur. It was very faint; no one else had heard it.” If not for the nurse, her son’s congenital heart defect would not have been detected.

Laramore says that the vendors did not hesitate at the opportunity to help someone out.

If there is also one thing that the coronavirus has brought out, it is the innate trait of humans to help each other out.

Source: PEOPLE

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