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What Love Can Do: 6 Incredible Dog Transformations



  • David Fernandez, 26, finds sick and abandoned dogs in Santiago’s streets in Chile and gives them medical attention and love.
  • He takes photos of the dogs before and after conditions to remind him of the changes in the dogs’ lives.
  • David’s love and compassion for animals has no monetary reward but the happy dogs that emerge after his love and care make it worth his while.

For animal rescuers, every life is important.  Every life that you bring back and transform from being abandoned, abused, and left for dead, is a life worth saving and worth your while.

Twenty-six-year old David Fernandez of Santiago, Chile has been rescuing cats and dogs in his country over the past few years. David seeks out the animals that need his help the most in Chile’s capital city.  So far, he has changed the lives of more than 500 cats and dogs by caring for them and bringing them back from the brink of death.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

David’s usual finds are dogs that have parasites, open wounds and suffer from mange. He does not care about how bad their physical conditions are but instead loads them in dog carriers and brings them home to care for. He snaps photos of the animals as a reminder of how they were transformed.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

It started with Maple-Faustina who was malnourished, did not trust humans, and whose body was full of sores and welts. She was barely living in the Isla de Maipo but after 4 months under David’s care, she has transformed into a dog with a beautiful coat.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

Faustino is David’s second rescue who had parasites and was severely malnourished when he found him at the village of Valparaíso.  Faustino now sports shiny and lustrous hair after being shown some love and attention.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

In the photo is another pup who used to be bald from mange and could hardly walk from pain now has thick fur and even has a “smile” on his face.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

David does all these for free and even has to shoulder costs for treatment of these fur babies before finding their forever homes. His love and compassion for these animals knows no other payment but seeing them happy and transformed into the beautiful dogs and cats that they really are.

Photo Credit: Adopciónes david Fernández/Facebook

From the photos, all the pups need are proper veterinary care, nutritious food, and a heart as pure as David’s to bring them back to life. Hail, David Fernandez, Santiago’s dog hero! 

Source: Inspire More