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When A Magpie Baby Bird Gets Abandoned, An Unlikely Mom Steps Up— A Dog!



  • Molly was just a magpie baby when he was found abandoned at a park by Juliette Wells, Reece and Peggy the dog.
  • They brought him home and consulted with wildlife rescuers on how to take care of him.
  • Peggy and Molly’s curiosity about each other has developed into a friendship that has grown stronger for the past two years.

During magpie breeding season, parents are forced to abandon some of their babies because they could not feed them anymore or they already have too many.

This is what happened to one baby found at a dog park by Juliette Wells, her partner Reece and their Staffordshire bull terrier, Peggy.

Photo Credit: Juliette Wells

They waited for the magpie’s parents to help the bird but after several hours, the birds still did not want to do anything with the little bird, and so they brought the baby home.

The couple contacted friends at wildlife rescues but they too were full and so they just asked for guidance on how to take care of the baby male magpie.  They also named him Molly.

Photo Credit: Juliette Wells

After two years, the magpie is still living with them.  Juliette said, “Molly has never left, which is good for us.”

And all this time, their dog Peggy was a huge part of Molly’s development.  Their mutual curiosity about each other led to a friendship that started with napping sessions, rolling on the ground together and piggybacks on Molly.

Photo Credit: Juliette Wells

According to Reece, they were so close that when Peggy, who was in heat at that time, “went into a phantom pregnancy” and produced milk for Molly!

The adorable friendship between the two was documented on social media by Juliette.  People were amazed and shocked at how the two would enjoy lying and sleeping together. Their Instagram account @peggyandmolly even has 192,000 followers!

Photo Credit: Juliette Wells

And when Peggy got pregnant, “Molly used to stand on Peggy’s back and sing to the puppy in Peggy’s stomach while she was pregnant,” Juliette said.  She added, “so as soon as Ruby was born, she and Molly were the best of friends.”

Now, Peggy’s puppy Ruby is part of the IG account.

Juliette said that in the animals’ account, she tries to put across love and acceptance.


“Basically, these animals are different, but they don’t really care about that. They accept each other for who they are. I mean, you’ve got a dog that has the jaws to crush a bird to death, and you’ve got this magpie that could stab the dog’s eyes out. But they’re not. They’ve never been aggressive with each other,” she said.

Source: People