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When Cat Falls In Love With A Cardboard Cutout of Danny DeVito



  • This cat falls in love with a Danny DeVito cardboard cutout.
  • His human originally purchased the cardboard cutout to prank his boyfriend but put it up outside her house to make people laugh during the lockdown.
  • Clearly, the cat enjoys his quality time with Danny DeVito and gets mad when his human tries to take it from him.

This is Quincy. He is one of the sweetest cats on this planet. He is also a cat who knows what he likes.

The cat likes snuggling with his family. Recently, he found a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito to snuggle to whenever other members of the household are busy.

He loves snuggling with the cardboard cutout and he is not afraid to show it.

Twitter user @radtoria purchased a Danny DeVito cutout. Originally, she intends to send this carboard cutout to her boyfriend as a prank but the coronavirus lockdown is in the way. Instead, she decided on putting the thing up on her house to make other people laugh.

Putting up the cardboard cutout took an unexpected turn somewhere down the line.

“I started putting it in the window to spice up our neighbors’ walks. Then I’d take it down at night to close the blinds,” his owner said. “Time and time again, I’d wake up to find Quincy snuggling with it.”

The fondness for the cardboard cutout was obvious. However, this same fondness made the family think about what would happen when the cutout wears out because of the cat’s constant attention. To their surprise, the Danny DeVito cutout still looks unscathed. Clearly, this cardboard cutout is something more than a plaything for the cat.

“He’s very gentle with it. He never bites it. He never roughhouses with it. It’s like he sees it as a special toy,” she said. “If I try to remove it from him (which I don’t bother with anymore), he just extends his paws over it and gives a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of look.”

Today, whenever the cat settles in for a nap, he is with Danny DeVito.

“I still laugh about it. It’s just such a strange surreal thing,” @radtoria said. “He has so many toys! Why this?”

Quincy still finds time to cuddle up with his family. This is all in between the time he spends with the Danny DeVito cutout, of course. Besides, his family was the one that brought this cardboard cutout into his life in the first place.

“He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever had the pleasure to know,” @radtoria said. “We’re grateful that he has another outlet for his snuggles.”

Source: The Dodo