When volunteer was served eviction notice, the community buys the house for her

  • Good deeds create ripples that come back to you when you are in need.
  • After a woman volunteer was served an eviction notice, the community buys a house for her.
  • Linda Taylor works to help the homeless and the needy as a volunteer.

Linda Taylor moved to the Powderhorn Park district 19 years ago to help the homeless and the needy as a volunteer.  She rented out a small house on 10th avenue and East 36th street and became known for her green thumbs and her golden heart for others.

She was considered a “bright star” and the neighborhood never thought that her light would be dimmed with the news that the property she’s renting will be put up for sale and Taylor was told by the landlord to vacate the property.

With inflation at an all-time high, soaring gasoline prices, and people digging in to survive the times, who would have thought that the neighborhood would still rally behind “Miss Linda”?  But they did!

There is just no stopping the power of a community that takes care of its own— a real-estate agent worked for free, a bake sale and art show were organized, people chipped in donations no matter how small or large it was and other community drives to raise funds to buy the house before June 30.  And guess what?  They managed to raise a quarter of a million dollars to save Miss Linda!

Photo Credit: ABC 5

With gratitude, Miss Linda said, “Yesterday I went and did the closing for the house. It makes me feel so good, everything that I have given, it’s coming back to me and I want to continue to give. I love this neighborhood.”

Source: Good News Network

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