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Wife Looking For Husband’s Kidney Donor Found One On Facebook [Video]



  • To get her mind off her worries, Toshira Maldonado-McIntosh wrote a comment on Facebook for a kidney donor to come forward for her husband Roy.
  • Heather Schaefer read the comment and reached out to Toshira that she would donate her kidney.
  • Heather was a perfect match for Toshira’s husband Roy that when they transplanted her kidney to Roy, he did not reject the organ and even immediately felt well.

Toshira Maldonado-McIntosh of Cape May, New Jersey scrolled through Facebook to distract her from her troubles.  Her husband Roy contacted COVID and it made his stage three kidney failure worse.

The best treatment to give him a chance at life would be a transplant.

While browsing, Toshira came upon a Christian Laughs that asked for what she’d want God to bring her in the new year.  She honestly wrote: a kidney donor with type B blood to save her husband from a lifetime of dialysis and treatment.

Thousands of miles away, Heather Schaefer read the comment and felt a tug in her heart and felt that the message was for her.

Photo Credit: @CBS Philly (YouTube)

She immediately sent Toshiba a message who decided to trust Heather and so she sent her their kidney doctor’s business card.  It was the start to the preparations for a possible match for a kidney transplant.

Heather was approved for Roy.  And on June 8, Heather’s kidney was removed in Texas and quickly airlifted to Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, to a waiting Roy.

It was amazing that there were no hitches in both their surgeries.  Roy had no rejections and there was immediate improvement in his health and stamina.

Photo Credit: @CBS Philly (YouTube)

Through it all, both donor and recipient did not have a chance to meet face-to-face.  But when Heather recovered from her surgery, she flew to New Jersey and the two finally met.

Roy was so grateful for Heather’s act of kindness that prolonged his life and even eliminated the need for lifetime treatment.


Heather said, “It really happened. Although we’ve gone through it all, we know everything happened and went really well, it’s still amazing to meet in the flesh and realize what an impact we’ve had on each other’s life.”

These two are proof that when destiny deems it, it does not matter if it was a Facebook comment that paved the way for it or not.  That is how miracles happen, mysterious and amazing.

Source: Inspire More