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Wild Lorikeet Birds That Sneaked Into A Couple’s Home in 2021 Return Daily For Visits [Video]



  • Wild lorikeets living in trees across a couple’s patio have been observing the couple especially when they eat.
  • One morning, the birds found an open door and that is when they began coming daily to visit.
  • The birds have become fixtures in the house— begging for food, watching TV and just plain hanging out with the couple. 

Georgina Brough and Christian Allen’s patio table faces trees. And on many occasions when they would eat lunch there, they have observed the birds living across them eyeing their food.  Especially grapes.

One summer day, they forgot to close their door and that’s when the lorikeets took the opportunity to explore their house.  And thus began the daily visits.

Georgina and Christian said that the birds would certainly stay all day if they allowed them to.  They hang out in the couches, watch tv with the couple, sit on their laundry and of course, ask for food!

Georgina said the birds are super friendly.  She added, “We can touch them and hold them, so naturally we love them.”

Photo Credit: Georgina Brough and Christian Allen (SWNS)

But the lorikeets could also be super loud and always wake them up to beg for grapes.

Each bird has different personalities and qualities that make them special.  And the couple has named some birds that they have come to be familiar with. There is one who is called “Limpy” due to his one bad leg and who brings his wife and kid. They have also recognized breeding pairs. Georgina added, “They bring over their offspring too, which is amazing.”

Photo Credit: Georgina Brough and Christian Allen (SWNS)

The daily social calls have established a bond between the birds and the couple. The birds have become family and not just visitors.

What a special relationship.

Source: Good News Network