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Wild Zebra Gave Birth To A “Zonkey” After She Had A Love Affair With A Donkey In A Local Community



  • A wild zebra got lost and lived among other animals in a local community herd last spring.
  • After she was turned over and released in the wild, she came back and was seen again with a baby.
  • What surprised people the most was the realization that her baby was half donkey as she apparently got impregnated by a donkey in the community.

Last spring, a local community in Kenya found a wild zebra near the Tsavo East National Park. She became part of a woman’s cattle herd and stayed there for several weeks—until the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust took over to transfer her to a safer location.

The zebra was back in the wild and she seemed to be doing just fine. 

Photo Credit: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

However, she was seen once again by the people who recognized her wandering nearby. Only this time, they were surprised to see her with her baby! But just as quickly, they realized her foal was a little different in color.

Photo Credit: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Normally, foals have white and brown stripes when they are born which will later turn black. But this little one only has a few stripes and the rest of the body’s color was off.

Trying to confirm their suspicions, they recounted the number of months the zebra was once adopted in a local herd and oddly it fits her 12-month gestation period—that means, she was impregnated by a donkey and her baby is actually half-zebra and half-donkey.

Photo Credit: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Apparently, she has had a love affair with a donkey when she stayed at the community and everyone was shocked to learn this. They never had an idea she was pregnant, let alone it was a “zonkey.” So far, she and her baby are living normally says the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. 

Photo Credit: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

It can’t be denied, the little baby zonkey is so adorable and so cute people have been snapping pictures of him—and it seems like he and his mom love the attention too. Everyone hopes that they continue to see them both still and witness the unique foal grow up different among the rest but just as lovely!

Source: The Dodo