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Wildlife Photographer Shares Animal Selfies For Everyone to Enjoy



  • Allan Dixon is a wildlife photographer and adventurer who loves taking selfies with the wild animals he encounters.
  • Described as an “animal whisperer”, Allan created a collection of animal selfies that he posted on his Instagam.
  • His adorable photos are stealing the hearts of Instagram users.

Allan Dixon created a collection of photos of the wild animals he encountered during his travels around the world.

Allan also called the “animal whisperer,” is a wildlife photographer and adventurer who has been traveling around the world since 2015. He shares his animal selfies on Instagram and here are our favorites.

1. This beautiful bird is a photobomber but Allan didn’t mind.

2. Sherlock Bunny plus Sherlock Dixon.

3. This camel obviously likes selfies. Say cheese!

4. Tired of swimming, maybe? This duck just hitches a ride.

5. Now we know they have the same hairstylist.

6. Proof that unicorns are REAL.

7. This snuggly little moose looks like he was eager to be included!

8. It’s scientifically impossible to be unhappy while looking at this picture.

9. This seal looks so cool that we’re surprised Allan had the courage to approach him.

10. “I told the lemur that he only got 10 likes on his last photo. Let’s cheer him up this time.”

11. This sweet koala, Ralph, was rescued from an Australian wildfire.

12. Is it possible to love a photo too much?

13. “I think the goat likes you.”

14. Allan may look scared, but this pose was his idea.

15. We didn’t know Allan had a twin!

Allan is elated that people are enjoying his selfies. He hopes it will inspire others to be more active in helping animals by volunteering, donating money, or supporting conservation efforts.

Source: Inspire More