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With Open Arms: Couple adopts medically fragile kid



  • Dave and Michaela Robbins adopted five-year-old Noah after fostering him for a year.
  • Noah has arthrogryposis, which gave him with a fragile spine and legs, leaving him with limbs in a permanently bent position.
  • For the Robbins, having Noah is “the gift of a lifetime.”

Isn’t it pure love to choose to own a medically delicate child?

With overflowing love in their hearts, Dave and Michaela Robbins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have adopted a five-year-old boy who has arthrogryposis.

Photo Credit: Mike Clark WTAE/Facebook

Before coming up with the decision, the couple spent four long years searching for the child they will have forever. They volunteered to look after babies at the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh & Lemieux Family Center — which then led them to cross paths with Noah.

Immediately, Dave and Michaela felt a special connection with him, and Noah did, too!

“Noah says sometimes that he had always been looking for us, and when he found us, he just knew,” Michaela told People. “I think we very much felt the same way about him.”

Photo Credit: Mike Clark WTAE/Facebook

Noah spent 1,275 days in the foster care system. His chronic medical condition affects his spine and legs, and has also permanently left his limbs in a bent position.

Back in December 2019, the Robbins brought home then four-year-old Noah as a foster child. They were honest that it took them time, training, and effort to take care of him since he uses a trach, gastrostomy tube, and ventilator.

While in their care, Noah also had nine surgeries. Dave and Michaela, though, did not see the journey as a challenge. For them, every second is precious, making their lives better.

“We wake up all the time and we look at each other and we’re like, ‘I can’t believe we got so lucky,’” Michaela said. “Noah has improved our lives in every way.”

After a year, on December 11, the couple officially adopted Noah in a Zoom ceremony.

They had a family celebration, where all wore green and red to highlight Noah’s favorite holiday.


On a local cinema pavilion, the couple even announced the new member of the family.

Photo Credit: Mike Clark WTAE/Facebook

As Dave and Michaela want nothing but the best for Noah, they raised money for a wheelchair-accessible van for his 150-pound wheelchair.

Their neighbors might have truly seen the couple’s genuine love for their son, and responded to the call. In less than two weeks, they raised over $87,000!

“Welcoming Noah into our family was truly the gift of a lifetime. Our second greatest gift has been the huge community that has stood in solidarity with us,” the Robbins wrote on GoFundMe. “We have felt your support and love surrounding us. There are no words to adequately express our appreciation!”

With such a good start, no doubt there is a beautiful ending waiting for this lovely family of three.

Source: Inspire More