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Woman Creates “The Piggenheim Museum” For Her Very Cute Guinea Pig! [Video]



  • When her boyfriend was in the hospital due to an emergency not related to COVID-19, Teresa had to do something to keep things off her mind.
  • So she decided to create a museum for her guinea pig “The Piggenheim Museum.”
  • And as soon as it was uploaded on the internet, it quickly went viral!

For most people, quarantine has given them a lot of free time to be creative. Teresa Michell decided to do something absolutely cute for her guinea pig—a mini-museum!

It all started when Teresa’s boyfriend had to be in the hospital due to an emergency not related to COVID-19, and she needed to do something to keep her mind off things. That’s when she decided to put up a fine art museum for her adorable guinea pig, Maisie, and she calls it “The Piggenheim Museum.”


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“I kept thinking about the Met in New York City,” she wrote. “The creaky hardwood floors and tall ceilings. Heavy gold frames. That’s what I tried to emulate as I created the Piggenheim.”

Her arts are not just random drawings and paintings, they are inspired by famous art pieces of renowned artists from Picasso to Leonardo da Vinci and many more. Only that Teresa’s version of the masterpieces feature tiny animals.

Photo Credit: Teresa Michell

It may seem like a silly project but it definitely helped Teresa get through a difficult time. Besides, the outcome is great and she is “proud” of it. Because why not? They are fun and absolutely impressive to see!

Maise being a very meticulous art critic made it a point to examine each one of them very closely.

Photo Credit: Teresa Michell

“She spent time at each miniature work of art,” Teresa said. “Maisie nibbled on the frame of the Kahlo. I’m not sure if that was her saying she liked it or hated it. She was also very intrigued by the Lichtenstein and the Magritte. She did not seem to care for the Picasso because she chittered at it a lot!”

Teresa’s project quickly went viral after her friend Emily shared a video of the mini-museum on TikTok. 

Photo Credit: Teresa Michell

“I wanted Maisie to go viral, but I didn’t expect it would happen!” Teresa posted on Facebook.

Since the Piggenheim was a big hit, Teresa is thinking of doing something more for Maisie, but we still have to look forward to what that is and I’m sure people are excited!

Source: Inspire More