Woman discovers her late mom had already met her boyfriend

Woman discovers her late mom had already met her boyfriend

  • When Leah Menzies met her boyfriend’s family for the first time, his mom wanted to show her an old school photo.
  • When Thomas McLeodd saw the photo, he was shocked to see that Leah’s late mom was his teacher.
  • Leah burst into tears when she realized that her mom and boyfriend already met a long time ago.

Leah Menzies, an 18-year-old college student from Australia, kept thinking about all the moments in her life that her mom would never witness. She was only seven when her mom passed away from liver failure. But a recent, amazing coincidence made her believe that everything will be fine.

Photo Credit: Leah Menzies

Leah has been dating Thomas McLeodd, also 18, for seven months. She only recently met her boyfriend’s family for the first time.

Photo Credit: Leah Menzies

Like most moms, Thomas’s mom dusted off old photos to show Leah.

Leah recalled, “His mum was telling me how he made this stupid face in a school picture. She thought it was funny.”

Thomas wasn’t embarrassed, though, and even grabbed the photo album himself. He knew exactly which photo his mom was referring to.

Photo Credit: Leah Menzies

Leah recounted, “He opens this album and then suddenly, he’s like, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God — over and over again. I couldn’t figure out why he was being so dramatic.”

She knew soon enough.


Found out through this photo in his photo album. A moment straight out of a movie 🥲

♬ iris – 🫶

Thomas realized that the school photo also showed Leah’s late mother. She was his preschool teacher!

He had recognized her from the pictures that Leah has been keeping in her room.

When Thomas showed Leah the picture, she burst into tears.

Leah said, “It’s incredible that she knew him. What gets me is that she was standing with my future boyfriend and she had no idea.”

Photo Credit: Leah Menzies

Thomas had no recollection of his teacher. He was only 3 years old back then, after all.

Thomas’s mom, however, remembers her as being “kind and really gentle.”

When Leah shared the touching story on TikTok, the video received over 41.9 million views. Viewers reported feeling chills and goosebumps when learning about the incredible coincidence.

Leah thanked everyone for all their kind messages.

Photo Credit: Leah Menzies

She thought her mom would never meet her future boyfriend, but it turns out that she had known him all along!

Source: TODAY

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