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Woman helped stuck turtle, then saved him from a venomous snake



  • Erin Rodriguez was out for a walk when she noticed a stuck turtle, the same turtle she had helped before.
  • While lifting the reptile, Erin was shocked to see a huge snake underneath him!
  • Erin was able to save the turtle, and fortunately, the snake slithered back down into a nearby hole.

A woman helped a stuck turtle twice, but the second time was a shocking experience.

One day, Erin Rodriguez was taking her son in his stroller for a walk. She was walking back into her yard when she noticed a familiar turtle stuck in the fence. She remembered she helped the same turtle before.

Photo Credit: Erin Rodriguez/The Dodo

Erin stopped to help him get around the fence safely.

“I walked up to it and saw that its head and front legs were stuck in the fence,” Erin told The Dodo. “I’m pretty sure the turtle could have backed out, so I didn’t think it was really stuck. I just wanted to help it get to the other side since I have seen it trying to go through before. It did not seem too concerned that I was there.”

Erin took a photo to show her husband before helping him out. She lifted the turtle to get him off the fence, but the moment she picked him up, her heart skipped a beat. There was a huge snake underneath the turtle!

Photo Credit: Erin Rodriguez/The Dodo

The turtle was casually hanging out right on top of the snake, which appeared to be a venomous copperhead snake.

“I set the turtle back down and backed away,” Erin said. “I was pretty shocked, and my heart probably stopped for a second. All of a sudden I felt adrenaline and like I had to save the turtle.”

Although the snake seemed to be behaving well, neither paying attention to the turtle nor Erin, and the turtle looked untroubled, Erin decided to still help the turtle and bring him back to safety.

Photo Credit: Erin Rodriguez/The Dodo

She used a shovel to gently lift the turtle up and away from the fence, making sure that it wouldn’t disturb the snake, who slithered back down into a nearby hole.

Erin’s attempt was successful and she was able to free the turtle.

“I put the turtle down and it seemed to be completely unharmed, although a little scared by the commotion,” she said.

Photo Credit: Erin Rodriguez/The Dodo

Rescuing a turtle and meeting a snake at the same time was quite an experience for Erin, but she was just glad everybody was fine.

She hasn’t met the turtle again since then. If ever their paths cross again, for the third time around, we wonder what their next encounter will be.

Source: The Dodo