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Woman Paints Over Her Vitiligo “Art Spots” To Inspire Others Like Her [Video]



  • Amara was initially devastated when she was diagnosed with vitiligo that she tried to cover up her white patches.
  • Eventually, she unleashed her creativity and painted over them to highlight their beauty instead of hiding them.
  • She has since inspired others with the same condition through her artistic photos and videos.

There are different kinds of beauty in the world. While we are all born different, we are all beautiful. But sometimes, that can be hard to realize when we see something in our appearance that is far from the norm.

Amara Aleman was initially devastated when she was diagnosed with vitiligo in 2017. The condition, caused by a lack of melanin, leads to pale white patches appearing on the skin. Eventually, her loved ones helped her embrace her “Art Spots.” Now, she keeps on sharing the beauty that everyone should see in them.

Photo Credit: TikTok/amara_artspots

At first, Amara was so embarrassed by her white spots that she wore long sleeves and makeup to cover them up. She quit theater and dancing, and increasingly grew anxious, reclusive, and depressed. She stayed at home for a year.

She eventually came to terms with her condition with the help of her parents. “They never treated me any differently and always encouraged me to try to see the positive in it,” she shared.

They convinced her to go out and socialize again. She later reconnected with an old friend who eventually became her boyfriend. He also helped her accept herself more and open up.

When she tapped into her natural artistic talents, she thought about decorating her spots instead of covering them up.

She painted over her “Art Spots” and started sharing pictures and videos.


I cant wait to dress my spots up for halloweeen #vitiligo #halloween #artspots #bodypaint ♬ DIABLO – ROSALÍA

Amara said, “The main inspiration behind what initially sparked ArtSpots is the idea of taking lemons and making lemonade. Life will continue to be unpredictable and it will defeat you if you’re not able to adapt and see beauty in imperfections or differences.”

Her social media content has also become therapeutic for her. Her creative outlet soon gained her internet fame — she now has over 168,000 followers on TikTok.

Amara started receiving messages and comments from people who has vitiligo or knows someone with the condition.


“I remember how hard it was for me to accept my skin enough to celebrate it,” she said. So when she reads that someone was “inspired by my art, it’s almost surreal.” She realized that it was important for her to continue inspiring herself and others.

Photo Credit: Instagram/amara_artspots

Amara is glad that her journey to embracing her beauty is also helping others embrace their own “spots.”

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